MPA Conference

MPA conference


This past week, I was lucky enough to attend and do a poster presentation at the MPA conference in Chicago.  This conference last for three consecutive days that consist of many different presenters from all areas of psychology. This includes researchers like Elizabeth Loftus and countless graduate and undergraduate presenters as well. IT is a conference to expand your knowledge base on all of psychology.

My research was on the different mindsets STEM and non-STEM individuals have on math and English course ability. I was able to receive feedback from my poster presentation from graduate students and undergraduates. They gave me new ideas of how I can further the study to look at variables such as race or gender within these fields. It was very beneficial to travel to this conference in order to gain knowledge and ideas about my research for the future.

While we attended, we were able to speak with Elizabeth Loftus. Her research about the misinformation effect is outstanding and I was at a lose for words when I shook her hand. We heard to talk about her research at U.C. Irvine and what the future holds for false memory research and the implications of it. I would have never been able to see such a prevalent researcher speak if it were not for the ability to attend this conference.